The Dance of Light

To be a source of light, one must become the light.

Together we will utilize sound and movement to access your higher selves and vibrate on a frequency that opens you to healing and intentional transformation.

Together we will activate energies that lay dormant within your physical and energetic body, releasing the energies that are no longer serving your purpose.

Let’s serve your freedom instead of your fears.

Sometimes we dim our light because power has a bad reputation. But it is safe and positive to be powerful. When you know that your heart and intentions are pure, there is everything right with embodying your power, owning your life, and knowing what is best for you. You are worthy of living at your highest level and potential, which is boundless by your higher self, and only rendered impossible by past conditioning. Even your ego wants you to be aligned with yourself as an awakened being because it serves you as well.

By connecting with this source of light and power within you, you will gain direct experience of your true, authentic self. Leave behind all that limits you and embrace your true being: one that flows freely into the world with love, power, and ferocity.

Through breathwork, sound, movement and dance, healing conversation, and sacred community, we will target the energies that long to be excavated to the surface of your being. Together we will unlock the doors so you can BE who you want to be, DO what you want to do, and HEAL damage from past conditioning, trauma, fatigue, and other stressors.