What Is Sound Healing?

Have you ever heard someone’s voice who just instantly made you feel calm?

Maybe a grandmother or grandfather or other elder. Or perhaps someone who has attained a high level of spiritual awareness.

Their being can be so rooted in abiding calmness or unconditional love that the feeling, the quality of peace or love, or whatever is intrinsic to their voice.

This quality of the sound of their voice has a real effect on you and you react accordingly. Slowly your nervous system, your hormones, your thoughts, and eventually beliefs can fall in line with this quality that is within the sound, within the vibration. You entrain to the sound.

Nada Brahma – The world is sound

Nada Brahma is a term that comes from the hindu tradition that basically translates to “the world is sound.” It doesn’t make much sense at first. Look at all these rocks and trees and rivers and buildings… these are clearly not just sound, right?

Well, what is sound?

Sound is a vibration that passes through a medium. Most of the time when we say “sound” we are talking about the vibrations that pass through air.

But these vibrations are literally everywhere. And in everything. Quantum physics has the Deboglie wave that shows how every single bit of matter has a vibrational frequency.

All physical matter has a vibration.

Put another way, all things have a sound.

Intention + Action = The Sacred Power of Sound

With subtle awareness and strong intention, we can interact with the world on this level of vibration. The ancients have known this for eons and gave us all of these beautiful spiritual traditions with mantras and prayers and sacred songs and chants, each sound connected and tapped into a specific vibratory frequency that acts on your body, mind, and soul. There are prayers for clarity, songs for healing, chants for peace. The variety is literally endless.

Sound healing is a way of intentionally working on this level of vibration to achieve healing and transformation, but with a more intuitive and less dogmatic approach.

This is the same principle behind sound healing. By tapping into a specific feeling or vibration internally, the sounds created by a sound healer are imbued with the same frequency, which you then internalize through your senses, non-verbally.

Bypass the Monkey Mind

The non-verbal part is a key component. With sound healing, we bypass the rational monkey mind that is always bouncing around, wanting, grasping, desiring, attempting to analyze and judge. The mind can actually get in our way, more often than not, causing more harm than good.

With pure sound, we completely go beyond this ego part of the self and directly address the vibrational level of experience. The sound gives the mind something irrational and non-verbal to pay attention to, stilling the mind almost like a snake charmer. While the mind pays attention to the sound, the rest of the self – the unconscious, the body, and the soul – responds, shifts, and entrains to the vibrations of the sound.

This shifts are often subtle but profound.

Ultimately, however, no amount of writing or talking can truly do this incredibly powerful modality justice because words are still working with our minds.

Sound healing must be experienced first hand, in person if possible.

As a gift, here is a relaxing, meditative sound healing recorded in nature. Relax, let go of all the stress and worries and thoughts. Let the sound carry you…

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