7 Easy Tips for a Daily Meditation Practice!

Although living in some idyllic, peaceful environment in today’s world may be challenging, creating a calm ambiance around you in the hustle bustle of everyday life is in within your reach. Adopting meditation as a way of living can give miraculous results, tapping you directly into a natural stream of peace and serenity.

For several years Odette has selflessly served her clients by sharing her gifts of sound healing meditation and mindfulness. Through her dedication to her work and her clients that she has not only attained the reputation of being an authentic spiritual healer but also changed the course of lives of many people around her.

Working with clients, her soft nature effortlessly lowers inner resistance and blockages, allowing the inspired energy of the sound itself to awaken inner sacred space for transformation and healing.

daily meditation practice

Now, meditation is not a single, one-off experience that you have once or twice and move on. It is a practice that must be cultivated regularly. It is through persistence and regularity that it’s true benefits begin to be felt.

Here are 7 tips to ensure and properly cultivate sound healing into your lifestyle, and deepen your experience of life.

1 – Build Your Own Space:

The first step you should take in starting off with your daily meditation practice is to create a special space for yourself which should be completely free of any outside distractions. In order to drop into a deeper internal space, you need to be free from distractions of the outside world like phones, loud noises, and other people.

It can be a corner of your room, a quiet spot in your home, in the garden or even in a park or forest or wherever you find it easy to totally relax.

2 – Exercises For Beginners:

meditation exercises

Breathing exercises are important in many ways for meditation. They not only set the momentum of your body and energy into the right place so that you may not feel overburdened as you meditate away but also they provide you an inner sense of calmness.

Ultimately, you feel more calm and focused while meditating. Therefore, it is always recommended to learn a few breathing exercises as you learn meditation.

3 – Get Yourself Tuned:

Meditation helps you to reconnect with yourself so that you can tune yourself in the right frequency and feel that your body and mind are at the right equilibrium with each other. Too often we get distracted about whatever chaos is happening around us, especially, in a world of today.

Here! The need to get yourself well-tuned with your inner self is as important as anything can be and meditation will offer you just that.

4 – Follow The Sound:

follow the sound

As you keep on practicing meditation regularly; soon you will be able to distinguish an inner spiritual voice within yourself. That’s the point where you will be able to follow the sound of spiritual healing. Go with its flow and see where it takes you.

Soon you will be traveling into different beautiful realms of calmness and peace all around you and you will be amazed at the transformations it will bring to your body, mind and life. Don’t just let the sound vanish away in the thin air. Float with it, feel it, travel with it and let it guide your experience.

5 – Notice The Changes:

What good is an exercise if the changes it produces go unnoticed? Don’t be superficial about the changes meditation will bring to your entire lifestyle, your body, your mind and even your soul.

Compare the before and after results, keep a journal of it and keep on jotting down the differences it has made in your life. In this way; your motivation level will always be high and you will feel more enthusiastic about pursuing it on regular basis.

6 – Keep Pushing Forward:

Don’t turn your meditation practice  into something that you might get tired off in future. Make it a fun task that you enjoy doing every day. Reserve 20-30 minutes for yourself each day to let the sound guide you. But don’t let it go stale from repetition. As you progress, you can always find new ways to to change it up and keep your practice a fresh, soulful experience. Find a partner, join a meditation club, mingle with like-minded people, read books, journal about your daily experiences, listen to what others have to say about theirs, notice the changes in your body and embrace them with open arms.

Keep moving forward and attain a level of remarkable self-calm and peace that will help you abundantly in carrying out your day to day activities with more resilience and with a vigorous attitude. Keep the motivation alive and channelize the positive energy in your daily activities.

7 – Feel Good:

feel good

No matter what you do and how vigorously you take your meditation routine; make sure that the end result should be a sense of goodness and peace inside and around you. Do what makes you happy. Play around, listen to music, exercise, dance, and romance, spend time with your loved ones, sit alone and talk to your pet, read a book, watch the sunrise or sunset by the beach, say a prayer and laugh. Life is too short to be wasted away with negative vibes around you.

Spend time with yourself; get connected with your fears, your strengths and your achievements. Just take life as it may and keep striving towards attaining a level of sound healing and peace.

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